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Group Projects

The role of local communities in the Cape Floristic Region, South Africa

  • Main Goal: Increase community involvement in conservation work and test conservation transferability in current conservation planning strategies.
  • Partner Institution: Cybertracker Conservation
  • Area of Impact: Two scales: De Hoop Natural Reserve, SA (fine scale) and community of conservation researchers and practitioners on the global scale.
  • UCD Students: Maria Santos, Mark Elbroch, Maxine Zylberberg, Tuyeni Mwampamba, Erin Reddy, Chris Mosser
  • Faculty/External Advisors: Heiko Wittmer, UCD

Assessing species and reserve vulnerability to climate change in the Willamette Valley ecoregion

  • Main Goal: Conduct a species and reserve climate change vulnerability assessment and detail appropriate management adaptations.
  • Partner Institution: Defenders of Wildlife
  • Area of Impact: Willamette Valley ecoregion in Oregon
  • UCD Students: Zack Steel, Patrick Grof-Tisza, Kathryn Sulzner, Marit Wilkerson
  • Faculty/External Advisors: Fraser Shilling, UCD; Sara O'Brian, DoW

Blue Oak Woodlands Citizen Science Project

  • Main Goal: Develop a pilot citizen science monitoring for oak habitat and assess its application for long-run monitoring.
  • Partner Institution: Audubon California
  • Area of Impact: Privately owned blue oak woodlands under conservation easement near Davis and Sacramento.
  • UCD Students: Erin Hardie, Susana Cardenas, Tavis Forester
  • Faculty/External Advisors: Heidi Ballard, UCD

Natural Community Conservation Planning in California

  • Main Goal: Analyze factors that contribute to successful implementation of NCCPs in California. These factors include demographic, economic, and political characteristics of the planning regions, as well as the network structure used for planning.
  • Partner Institution: California Department of Fish & Game
  • Area of Impact: Conservation planning policy in CA
  • UCD Students: Kristy Deiner, Bjorn Erickson
  • Faculty/External Advisors: Mark Schwartz, UCD; Mark Lubell, UCD; Brenda Johnson, CDFG

Adaptive management at Independence Lake: fire modeling, forest thinning, and aquatic plant inventory

  • Main Goal: Contribute to The Nature Conservancy's management plan for newly acquired land around Independence Lake.
  • Partner Institution: The Nature Conservancy
  • Area of Impact: The 2,325 acre Independence Lake management area
  • UCD Students: Jen Stevens, Emily Peffer, Eric Winford
  • Faculty/External Advisors: Jim Gaither (TNC); Kevin Whitlock (RPF, Under the Trees)

Point Reyes Climate Change Vulnerability Assessment

  • Main Goal: Provide the park with a document that compiles all available information on how the park's natural communities will respond to changes in climate over the next century.
  • Partner Institution: Point Reyes National Seashore (PORE)
  • Area of Impact: Point Reyes National Seashore
  • UCD Students: Angela Doerr, Katie Holzer, Sarah Hameed, Jill Baty
  • Faculty/External Advisors: Ben Becker and Natalie Gates, PORE

Identifying Best Practices for Involving Volunteers in Monitoring

  • Main Goal: Use a survey to create a portfolio of best practices that can be used to maximize the benefits and minimize the costs of volunteer-based monitoring. Characterize how different organizations recruit, organize, and communicate with volunteers to link these attributes to program success.
  • Partner Institution: No particular partner, but soliciting engagement of agencies working on monitoring and conservation.
  • Area of Impact: General
  • UCD Students: Casey Peters, Loreto Godoy, Levi Souza, Yu Zhan
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