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How to Apply

Interested candidates must apply to the Graduate Group in Ecology or another UC Davis graduate program through the electronic application process. Applicants to the Conservation Management Program must fulfill all of the admission requirements of the graduate group to which they are applying (link is for GGE admission requirements, but it is the student’s responsibility to identify and fulfill the admission requirements of the graduate program to which he or she applies). A Major Professor is often required in order to be admitted into a graduate program. The following link should help in your search for a Major Professor. Please note that it is not required that you make this commitment prior to submitting your application for admission.

In addition, candidates can signal their intent to participate in the Conservation Management Program by sending a letter to:

Dr. Mark Schwartz
Graduate Group in Ecology
Department of Environmental Science & Policy
1 Shields Avenue
University of California
Davis, CA 95616 USA

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