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Required Courses. The Conservation Management certificate carries three required components. The first is a three-quarter core sequence in conservation ecology and ecosystem-based management.

  • Conservation Ecology (ECL 208, Dr. Susan Harrison) is required. The two other courses were developed more recently and incorporated into the Conservation Management Program in 2008-10. Ecosystem Management (ECL 298 Dr. Mark Lubell) was run as a trial course in fall 2007 and became part of the Environmental Science & Policy curriculum since fall 2008. The third,Conservation Decision Making (ECL 298, Dr. Mark Schwartz) was offered for the first time in Spring 2009. Course descriptions are available here.
  • The second required component for the degree certificate is a participation in a second year cohort project. Run as ECL 299 with a participating faculty member, the second year project is intended to be a year-long collaborative effort to address an outstanding issue concerning ecosystem management in collaboration with an active conservation agency (e.g., The Nature Conservancy, US Fish and Wildlife Service, Parks Tanzania).
  • The third required component is to satisfy distributional credits in quantitative methods. For Ecology students these requirements reflect general program requirements. For students from other graduate programs two quantitative methods courses will be required.


Elective Courses. A series of elective courses are available for students in the program. In addition to fulfilling program requirements from the student's graduate group, the student may also elect to take any of the following courses that have been periodically offered as graduate seminars (ECL 290's) within the Graduate Group in Ecology:

  • Science and the media, scientific ethics; grant writing, NSF grant writing, conservation genetics, among many many others.


In addition, we encourage students to take courses that correspond to their career goals and interests, including those courses outside the scientific fields (e.g., business management). We will assist students in these pursuits on an individual basis.


Students within the Conservation Management program will be members of the Graduate Group in Ecology (or another appropriate graduate program) and will be advised through their normal graduate group procedures. We ask that guidance committees include a member of the home graduate program, a faculty participant from the Conservation Management program and a third member of their choosing.

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