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Core Course

The Conservation Management Toolkit (ECL 298) will examine structured ways to make conservation decisions. Each segment will examine a process or protocol in use by major conservation NGOs or state and federal agencies. We begin at the top level with how one can plan to protect the most valuable components of an ecosystem (Systematic Conservation Planning); proceed through developing reserve management plans (The Open Standards for the Practice of Conservation), discuss strategies for aggregating conservation information (Structured Decision Making; Evidence-Based Conservation); and conclude with tools to populate these decisions with information (Systematic Reviews; Marxan; Expert Elicitation; Citizen Science). We will conclude by tackling the gnarly issue of monitoring whether the planned conservation actions have achieved their stated goals, covering (Value of Information, The Monitoring Cycle, Conflict).


Example syllabus:

Week 1. Background; Conservation Frameworks; Systematic Conservation Planning

Week 2/3. The Open Standards

Week 4/5. Structured Decision Making

Week 6. Systematic Reviews

Week 7. Spatial Reserve Design: Marxan

Week 8. Expert Elicitation

Week 9. Citizen Science

Week 10. Monitoring

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