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The Conservation Management Program (CMP) began in Fall of 2008 and is currently in its third year. During this period, the program has successfully developed conservation applied projects with local partner institutions. Several products have been the result of this practical experience and will contribute to a better understanding of conservation management.

Group Projects

Students participate in a group project with a conservation organization as a client as part of their requirements for the degree certificate. At present we have seven on-going or nearly completed projects. We anticipate launching two additional projects this spring. The on-going suite of projects have engaged seven different conservation organizations, attracted 26 participating students.The details of these projects are found here.

Scientific Results

The CMP has a dual mission of driving a new paradigm for conservation education as well as producing scientific outcomes. There are seven anticipated papers that are emerging from the group projects. We have also produced and are drafting several papers related to training conservation management professionals and review the status of the field. Participation in scientific meetings and conferences is another way by which students have presented research findings. Until March 2011, conservation management students have participated in 5 conferences.

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