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UC Davis Conservation Management Program

The Conservation Management Program promotes four tenets for successful conservation decision making:

  • A basic foundation in ecology is fundamental to developing the management and decision-making skills required to effectively manage ecosystems. This ecological foundation includes skills in statistics, experimental design and quantitative ecology.
  • Training in the social sciences of human ecology and environmental policy are required for conservation within the context of complex human cultures and stakeholder groups.
  • Practical skills for decision-making, planning and communication are essential for enabling scientists to step into leadership roles.
  • Integration and application of these various skills toward real conservation problems should be part of the graduate school experience.

Our goal is to provide graduate training opportunities around these four tenets for students desiring careers in conservation.  The program welcomes all students to participate in facets of our activities (program courses, projects, workshops and roundtables) that interest them. The program is linked to a graduate certificate program for enrolled UC Davis graduate students. Requirements for the graduate certificate are to:

  • Fulfill a curriculum that includes a graduate ecology class; conservation ecology (ECL 208); Socio-ecological systems (ECL 298) and Conservation decision tools (ECL 298).
  • Group project participation.
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